About Andrew
Hey! My name is Andrew James. I've been a digital marketing consultant since 2010, and have worked on campaigns for companies like Dell, Alphagraphics and Mary Kay. I've been fortunate to partner with large and small businesses across the globe, in both in-house marketing teams and digital agencies for customer acquisition campaigns.

Now as an independent marketing consultant, I'm committed to helping chiropractors get more patients and fewer no-shows, using my 3-step process known as The HLB Method™.

Many chiropractors are simply too busy to be worrying about digital marketing. They've spent money on Facebook ads, but haven't seen an ROI. They've tried coupon sites, SEO or Instagram, but realize they need a dependable patient acquisition system so they can finally forecast their monthly revenue.

That's where I come in.

To learn more about my predictable chiropractic patient acquisition system, click the button below:

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